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What an Anxiety Attack Feels Like


Anxiety attacks are scary for both the one having the attack and those who do not understand what is happening. Each person experiences a different set of symptoms during an attack. There are certain symptoms, however, that are the most common and appear in one combination or another.

Common Symptoms

The symptoms of severe anxiety often feel like those of a heart attack. These symptoms often include:

*Profuse sweating

*Chest pain

*Fast-beating heart


*Weak knees

The emotional feelings can be even worse. These include:

*Intense fear

*Feelings of losing your mind

*An urge to escape

How It May Look

For those who are near someone having an anxiety attack, the symptoms may not be as easily recognizable. Those with severe anxiety often have developed ways to cope with the episodes in public. Some signs that a person may be suffering an anxiety attack can involve the individual:

*Frantically pacing

*Shutting down emotionally

*Looking panicked

*Constant fidgeting

*Suddenly leaving the area without explanation

What You Can Do

In order to stop anxiety, the individual cannot simply “know everything is okay.” If you are with someone who is having an anxiety attack, talk softly and validate their feelings by saying “you’re having a difficult time, and this is hard for you,” and remind them that this will pass and you won’t leave them. If you find that you are the one suffering anxiety attacks, the first thing to do is put in place a support system of at least one “safe” person who understands what is going on.

The next thing to do is to make an appointment for yourself or your loved one at a qualified professional therapist. You may feel you are the only one suffering these attacks, but there are many others out there who have found relief by making this call. You are not alone. Make your appointment today.

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