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We have 30+ years of experience successfully treating anxiety, OCD, and OC related disorders. We are NOT general practitioners. We are experts and we get results!

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We understand your pain and we can help! We have been trained to treat anxiety, OCD, and OC related disorders by renowned experts in the field. We provide anxiety, and OCD consultation and training for other psychotherapists.

OCD and Anxiety

Treatment is mapped according to your individual needs, with an integrative model that fuses traditional CBT and ERP with ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy).


Together, we can build and strengthen your adolescent's confidence, resilience, self-compassion, and vision for their future, regardless of their current mental health challenges.


We understand scrupulosity (religious and moral OCD) and the nuances and sensitivities that come with a religious culture. Learn how to get back to enjoying your religion and life!


Have you ever been in a situation where you felt terrified, helpless, powerless, or unsafe? We would feel honored to help you in your journey and be part of your healing process.

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How Can Identifying Values Help With Scrupulosity OCD?

How Can Identifying Values Help With Scrupulosity OCD?

By Kathleen Ririe What is scrupulosity? Picture this- you’re out walking on a beautiful path through the woods. The air smells of fresh rain, the trees are extra lush and green, and as the morning light shines through the trees you are filled with a sense of aliveness. UNTIL. You notice a tiny, sharp rock has found its way into your shoe. You try to ignore it, but the more vigilantly you ignore it, the more obnoxious it becomes. No matter how carefully you step, you can’t avoid the rock in your shoe. Soon you become completely engrossed in noticing the pebble and can no longer enjoy anything else the forest has to offer you. The word scrupulous comes from the Latin word Scrupulum which means a small sharp stone (1), and like t
OCD and Anxiety - Parenting Group

OCD and Anxiety - Parenting Group

We are pleased to announce this parenting group which offers information and support to help navigate parenting children with OCD and anxiety. Come prepared to learn and share experiences with other parents and to gain support on your parenting journey. Information about the group: March 4th-April 29th Mondays at 12pm Virtual Meetings Cost is $40/person per session, or $50/couple per session Call us at 801-427-1054 to register!
OCD and the Willingness to Do What It Takes to Live Your Values

OCD and the Willingness to Do What It Takes to Live Your Values

Going Upstream— Is It Worth It? The o’opu, a freshwater fish native to Hawaii, hatches in fresh water and literally goes with the flow, swimming downstream to reproduce. Its eggs are swept into the ocean, where they develop into young fish. Like salmon, these young fish instinctively return home. They measure less than three inches in size, but their determination to reach their birthplace and start another generation is huge. These fish don’t just swim upstream to get back home. They literally climb waterfalls by using suction disks.1 “How is this possible?” you might ask. Well, before they reenter fresh water to begin their journey home, their bodies are transformed. They develop mouth and pelvic suckers that help them climb.

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A guide to help you find relief and happiness in spite of religious or moral OCD (scrupulosity OCD). Learn more about Annabella Hagen's book.
Imperfectly Good - Book by Annabella Hagen

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