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Struggling with OCD? Attend the Online International OCD Conference!


When you struggle with OCD, doubts and uncertainty can lead you to give in to private and public reassurance-seeking compulsions. We will be sharing tips and skills to help you decrease and eliminate this pervasive compulsion and start trusting yourself!

Our presentation will take place on October 22nd at 9 am MST:

“I need reassurance. Or do I?: Letting go of the quest for certainty and learning to trust yourself.”

The urge is strong. You feel the desperate need to know, to figure it out. And so you seek reassurance from family, friends, google or even yourself. Before you know it, and without even realizing it, you’re spending hours in your day on this search for reassurance; hoping to find the answer that will finally be exactly what you needed to hear and quiet all your fears. In this workshop we’ll demonstrate how to let go of reassurance seeking compulsions, deal with the uncomfortable emotions and sensations in the body that accompany uncertainty, take your life back and nurture trust in yourself. You’ll also receive recommendations on how your loved ones can provide support without giving reassurance.

Go to the IOCDF website to register today. They also offer scholarships!

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