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Can you develop kindness and compassion for your present self as you would for a young child? Will you be willing to be imperfectly good and live your values–do what matters most in your life?

Some people worry that in loving themselves they’re being selfish and, worse, narcissistic. The reality is that the scrupulous mind is leading you to become the extreme opposite of a narcissist. As you get fused with unhelpful thoughts and feelings, you begin to feel miserable and fail to give yourself even a crumb of love. It is not effective, is it? Would God want you to mistreat yourself?

You can develop self-compassion skills when you a) connect to the present moment of pain, b) remember your common humanity with others, and c) show loving-kindness to yourself in difficult times.

The world can indeed be a better place, when we are kind to ourselves so we have enough kindness to give to others.