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Join Mindset Family Therapy at the International OCD Conference This Year!


We, the clinicians, at Mindset Family Therapy are excited about attending this conference. As in previous years, we will be presenting and facilitating some workshops and discussion groups (see below). Come join us!


The Struggle is Real–Dropping the Struggle and Moving on with Life

Description: You may have heard that the problem isn’t with the content of OCD, but rather the struggle with the content. What does this mean? Come and learn how to drop the struggle with your thoughts and feelings so that you can live a life composed of what matters to you. Hear stories of those who were able to do this and thrive. Learn skills of how to identify the struggle, identify how it doesn’t help, and what can be more helpful in living the way you want, with or without OCD.

Speakers: Allyson Guilbert, LCSW, Annabella Hagen, LCSW, Jon Case, LCSW, and Erik Wells, LCSW

Date and Time: Fri, July 8th 9:45 AM – 11:15 AM

Responding to Rumination: The Persevering Private Compulsion

Description: When OCD is causing havoc in your life, your natural reaction is to find relief from the distress. Ruminating (arguing, judging, justifying, time traveling, and figuring things out) to find relief seems to be the easiest option. Often times, your awareness when giving in to this private compulsion may be absent until you are seized by severe anxiety, depression or a panic attack. During this workshop, you’ll receive and apply simple awareness skills you can practice throughout your day. As you continue practicing awareness skills, you’ll be surprised how flexible you can become with your thoughts, feelings, and urges before surrendering to this challenging compulsion. You can choose to do what matters most, right here, right now!

Speakers: Allyson Guilbert, LCSW, Annabella Hagen, LCSW, Jon Case, LCSW, and Erik Wells, LCSW

Date and Time: Sun, July 10th 8:00 AM – 9:30 AM

Group Discussion for YA with religiosity:

Sleeping with Jesus–Dating and Intimacy for Young Adults with Religiosity

Description: Do you ever worry about your intrusive thoughts? You know, the ones you don’t want anyone to know about. They’re so embarrassing, you’d be petrified if your friends found out what you were thinking? The reality is, the OCD mind train is intrusive and discouraging and it leaves the sufferer feeling ashamed and alone… YOU ARE NOT ALONE in your struggle. There are other teenagers who feel exactly as you do. They know your thoughts because they experience them too. So when you walk into this group setting you will come to realize this is the place for you. You will be able to express yourself openly and honestly with your peers about your uncomfortable sexual thoughts caused by OCD.

Date and Time: Fri, July 8th 8:00 PM – 9:30 PM

Speakers: Allyson Guilbert, LCSW & Annabella Hagen, LCSW,

Responding to Faith Challenges – Scrupulosity OCD Support Group

Description: How can I know if a situation is scrupulosity OCD and not a real faith challenge? This is a common question you may have asked yourself. What is your usual response? Your scrupulous mind loves to be involved in matters that are most important in your life. The urge to internally solve your dilemma may be logical, but is it helpful? What happens when you start dissecting your thoughts related to your faith? In this psychoeducation and support group, we will discuss how to respond to your mind’s unhelpful advice. We will identify ways you can align your faith and life’s values so you can focus on what truly matters to you each day.

Date and Time: Sat, July 9th 8:00 PM – 9:30 PM

Speakers: Allyson Guilbert, LCSW & Annabella Hagen, LCSW,

The International OCD Foundation is the largest national conference dedicated to OCD and related disorders. It is taking place in Denver, Colorado. This annual event brings together individuals and families living with OCD, mental health professionals, and researchers to educate and empower the community— as they learn about the latest treatments, research, and practices in OCD and related disorders.

Build a supportive network for recovery and receive messages of hope from those impacted by OCD.

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