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Connect to the Here and Now


Fears about the Present Moment

Like many, you may be scared to pay attention to the present moment. It may feel impossible. This is normal as this is a new experience. Few are those who can naturally notice their attention drifting and softly bring it back to what is going on in the present. Lucky them! Most people’s minds are constantly drifting, and that’s okay.

In Imperfectly Good I share several exercises to help you connect to the present moment. Try them one at a time at your own pace, slowly working through all of them. Find the ones that you like and that make sense to you. These exercises will enhance your mental flexibility.

You can use your senses to help you anchor/focus on the here and now. Notice what you see, smell, hear, and feel on your skin. When your mind distracts you, just acknowledge this has happened and gently bring your attention back to the here and now. It takes time to catch yourself going there with your OCD mind. Be patient and consistent on becoming an observer of your mind.

Don’t let scrupulosity OCD get in the way of you enjoying the life you deserve to have!