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3 Signs of Anxiety in Children


With child anxiety, it can be hard to differentiate between anxiety symptoms and learned behavior. If your child is consistently struggling with anxiety, it’s important to have your child meet with a professional therapist to address the issue. While you can try a number of anxiety management techniques on your own, a therapist will help identify your child’s anxiety triggers and help you develop a plan to help manage the symptoms more effectively.

Your Child Is Struggling in School

If your child is having trouble in school, this could be due to anxiety. When they are worried about getting homework done or having trouble making friends, this is often due to feeling anxious. When your child is waking up and doesn’t want to go to school, this is another sign that they are suffering from anxiety.

Your Child Has Vague Physical Complaints

Children who are dealing with anxiety have a hard time describing how they are feeling. Many children will complain of stomach aches or headaches, with no real reason behind the complaint. If your child complains of physical ailments but there doesn’t seem to be much wrong, it’s time to see if it’s child anxiety.

Your Child Doesn’t Want to Do Activities They Used to Enjoy

While this is also a sign of depression, a child who has suddenly become fearful of activities they once enjoyed is probably struggling with anxiety. A lack of participation in fun activities, sitting on the sidelines, often means that your child feels too overwhelmed to participate.

If you think your child is suffering from anxiety, it’s time to meet with a therapist who can help identify the cause. By working with a therapist, together you can help your child manage anxiety symptoms much better.

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