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3 Causes of Anxiety and How to Treat It


Anxiety is a response of the mind and body when there is stress in your life. Feelings of anxiety are present in the lives of most people, and when symptoms of anxiety begin to manifest it’s time to find the best therapy to relieve the symptoms. If you have been dealing with feelings of panic, an overwhelming sense of despair, and you find yourself fearing even the most mundane activities, you may be exhibiting signs of an anxiety disorder.

Anxiety from External Events

If you are overloaded at work, or you are worried about money, you may be experiencing anxiety caused by external events. A natural disaster can spark anxiety, and it’s important to deal with both the stressor and your response to it. Learning techniques such as mindfulness can help you cope with events that are out of your control.

Anxiety from Medical Issues

Medical conditions such as asthma and anemia can cause anxiety symptoms, as can dealing with a serious medical diagnosis. If you have recently been told you have a life threatening illness, it’s important to work with a therapist to help you manage your anxiety. While this won’t make your diagnosis go away, it will help you cope with the uncertainty of having a serious medical issue.

Brain Chemistry and Genetics Can Cause Anxiety

If certain neurotransmitters are low in your brain, this can cause anxiety. If you have family members who suffer from anxiety, you are probably predisposed to suffering from anxiety yourself. Brain chemistry can be altered by exercise, eating well, and by medication if necessary.

If you find yourself suffering with anxiety, If you find yourself suffering with anxiety, you may need to consult a professional to help you learn coping skills. With the right treatment plan, you’ll be able better manage your anxiety over time.

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