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IOCDF Faith and OCD Taskforce’s #OCDtruths


The OCD awareness week came and went. Hopefully today there are more people who are aware of this debilitating mental health challenge. There are many truths about OCD, and there are also many myths and misconceptions. For example, when someone tells you that they have OCD, know that if they are making fun of themselves, or making light of the situation, they most likely do not have this serious condition.

OCD can get in the way of someone’s life, and what they care about the most (values). For example, when someone cares about their faith and connection with God, the OCD mind will target that very value and struggle with scrupulosity OCD. When someone who cares deeply about being a loving and caring person, they might have OCD that targets that love and care (relationship OCD or harm OCD).

OCD is ego-dystonic. The person’s doubts and other internal experiences (e.g., thoughts and urges) do not match the type of person they wish to become. They know the thoughts don’t make sense but the more they try to get rid of them or figure out why they are experiencing them, the more sticky those thoughts become.

If you have a loved one who might be struggling with OCD, please refer them to the iocdf.org website. They will find resources to treat their OCD and gain their life back!

This writer (Annabella) is an advocate for the iocdf.org and part of the Faith and OCD Taskforce. We put together a video speaking truths about OCD. Please share it with friends and loved ones.

Every day is an OCD awareness day!