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Let Go of Anxiety: Climb Life’s Mountains with Peace, Purpose, and Resilience

Let Go of Anxiety - Book by Annabella Hagen

In Let Go of Anxiety: Climb Life’s Mountains with Peace, Purpose, and Resilience, Annabella Hagen uses a powerful and effective behavioral treatment called ACT (acceptance and commitment therapy).

Shown to be successful for multiple psychological conditions—including anxiety, panic, avoidance, perfectionism, comparison, uncertainty, and procrastination—ACT will teach you how to focus your time, attention, and efforts in moving toward the things that matter most to you.

In this book, you will learn how to change the way you view and respond to anxiety, uncertainty, and self-doubt, develop flexibility in the way you think and act, incorporate mindfulness into your everyday life, cultivate more self-compassion, live a vital and meaningful life, and recognize that the vision you have for yourself is possible when you accept, choose, and take action instead of letting your anxious mind act on you.

The Masterpiece Mindset: Empowering Your Kids to Be Confident, Kind, and Resilient

The Masterpiece Mindset: Empowering Your Kids to Be Confident, Kind, and Resilient - Book by Annabella Hagen and David B. Hagen

Discover a parenting plan to help your children sculpt a masterpiece of their lives. Are you ready to take your kids and family to the next level? You have come to the right place! Bring out the best in yourself as a parent so you can EMPOWER YOUR CHILDREN to bring out the best in themselves!

What is the number-one critical life skill your children need to realize their potential? How can you help your children become less anxious or depressed and more resilient? How can you create a family culture that transforms your children and future generations of your family? What can you do to create an empowering core identity in your children? What is the greatest inheritance you can leave your children?

While there's no one manual with all the answers for raising children, there is a roadmap: The Masterpiece Mindset offers parents a step-by-step strategy to help their children become who they are capable of becoming.

The answers to these questions and much more are found within these pages. The Hagens take the invaluable insights they've gleaned from both practical parenting and professional experience and give you the specific tools you need to become a more intentional parent.

Emma's Worry Clouds

Emma's Worry Clouds Cover

When Emma was 7 years old, she seemed to be catching a bug every Monday morning. She’d complain of stomachaches and didn’t want to go to school. Initially, Mom kept her home from school, believing Emma was sick. Usually, about an hour later, Mom would find Emma giggling and happily playing with her 4-year-old sister. She appeared to have been healed miraculously.

Mom often wondered if Emma had been truthful and threatened to take her to school. Emma’s stomachaches would immediately return. This situation happened often enough to lead Mom to consult a professional. Mom discovered that Emma’s challenge wasn’t integrity or a stomach problem. Emma was experiencing too many worries.

Emma’s story probably sounds familiar if you have children with worries. Do you know what is happening and why?

Reading Emma’s Worry Clouds will help you and your child learn how to manage the worries that sometimes are manifested with aches, such as stomachaches. It was written to help children normalize their worries and also gain skills to handle them.

Las Nubes Intranquilas de Emma (Spanish Edition)

Emma's Worry Clouds Cover Spanish Edition

A Emma le gusta hacer muchas cosas, pero a veces tiene miedo de otras. Ella quiere ser valiente y una noche un torbellino se la lleva a lugares desconocidos y fascinantes. Allí se hace de nuevos amigos que le enseñan qué hacer cuando las “nubes intranquilas” se aparezcan.

Las preocupaciones de Emma están representadas con nubes siendo que el clima cambia todo el tiempo. Los niños pueden aprender que los sentimientos, incluyendo las preocupaciones van y vienen como las nubes en el cielo en cualquier clase de clima.

Este libro le enseña a los niños cómo pueden aprender a respirar con su pancita lentamente y así sentirse mejor cuando las nubes intranquilas pasen en sus vidas.

Nico the Worried Caterpillar

Nico the Worried Caterpillar

Nico loved doing the same things every day. He ate yummy leaves, went to school, and played with this friends. Then he ate more yummy leaves, read books, brushed his teeth, and went to bed.

When Nico finds out that he will become a butterfly he becomes angry, as he doesn’t like to try new things. His teacher at caterpillar school prepares him for the changes. When he finds himself in his cocoon, he feels scared and sad.

Come along with Nico, as he rediscovers what his teacher taught him, and how he learns to be curious and try new things!

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Is anxiety sabotaging your passions, goals, and dreams? Learn more about Annabella Hagen's new book.
Let Go of Anxiety - Book by Annabella Hagen

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