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Group for Teens: "Your Life, Your Way"

Being a teen is hard! School, work, friends and family all compete for attention. It's hard enough to navigate through all the pressures of daily life, even without the all too common feelings of depression, anxiety, perfectionism, and self-doubt. In this group, youth will learn skills and exercises from the "Your Life, Your Way" workbook to help them "manage difficult emotions, break bad habits, and start believing in themselves." You can learn more about DNA-V here or access the workbook here.

Through this group, youth will 1) grow to be mindful of and comfortable with difficult thoughts and feelings, 2) move toward personal values deliberately, and 3) improve interpersonal functioning and empathy.

Group for Teens: Your Life, Your Way

When: Every Tuesday for 8 weeks – Starting January 24th

Time: 5 to 6pm

Fee: $250 for 8 sessions

Venue: Mindset Family Therapy
3355 North University Avenue, Suite 100
Hartford Building at Jamestown Square
Provo, UT 84604

Co-led by: Jon Case, LCSW and Erik Wells, LCSW

Tuition is due before sessions begin and is payable through Kara at 801-427-1054 or mindsetfamilytherapy@gmail.com.

Scrupulosity OCD Support Group

In-person support group held at Mindset Family Therapy
SPACE IS LIMITED. Please contact us to reserve a seat.

If your OCD challenges ALSO include doubts about your faith, religion, and moral values, this group is for you!

When: First Tuesday of every month from 6 to 7:15pm

Open To: Adults who struggle with Scrupulosity OCD

Fee: Free

Venue: Mindset Family Therapy
3355 North University Avenue, Suite 100
Hartford Building at Jamestown Square
Provo, UT 84604

We also review ERP and ACT skills.

Discover how you can learn to:

  • Be more open to your internal experiences
  • Enhance your awareness so you can connect with the here and now
  • Engage in what really matters in your life

If you wish to invite a friend or loved one who also has scrupulosity OCD, please let us know so we can reserve a seat for them. Though we address everyone’s OCD, we focus on moral and religious scrupulosity.

You or your guests don’t need to be current clients at Mindset Family Therapy.

Please contact us so we can reserve a seat.

You are not alone and there is always hope!

Online Scrupulosity OCD Education & Support Group

Do you think you might have OCD, and does it seem to target your religion or moral values? Do you constantly revisit episodes in your past and worry you've done something wrong? Do you feel the need to confess repeatedly and often? Feel ashamed, guilty, or burdened by "bad thoughts" or worry you might be a bad person? If this sounds familiar, then this group is for you.

Everyone is welcome, and all types of OCD are addressed. But "scrupulosity" OCD is a common focus, with religion freely discussed. What is scrupulosity? Learn more here. In this group, you will learn that you're not alone in your struggles and will learn new tools to better handle them. This group, which is free to those struggling with scrupulosity OCD, is currently being offered online. Please contact us so we can send you the Zoom link.

Date: Every 2nd and 4th TUESDAY of each month

Time: 6:00 - 7:30pm

Where: Zoom – An Online HIPAA compliant telehealth platform

Contact Us

3355 North University Avenue, Suite 100
Hartford Building at Jamestown Square
Provo, UT 84604


(801) 427-1054

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