Emma’s Worry Clouds

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 10.34.13 AMWhen Emma was 7 years old, she seemed to be catching a bug every Monday morning. She’d complain of stomachaches and didn’t want to go to school. Initially, Mom kept her home from school, believing Emma was sick. Usually, about an hour later, Mom would find Emma giggling and happily playing with her 4-year-old sister. She appeared to have been healed miraculously.

Mom often wondered if Emma had been truthful and threatened to take her to school. Emma’s stomachaches would immediately return. This situation happened often enough to lead Mom to consult a professional. Mom discovered that Emma’s challenge wasn’t integrity or a stomach problem. Emma was experiencing too many worries.

Emma’s story probably sounds familiar if you have children with worries. Do you know what is happening and why?

Reading Emma’s Worry Clouds will help you and your child learn how to manage the worries that sometimes are manifested with aches, such as stomachaches. It was written to help children normalize their worries and also gain skills to handle them.

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