Treatment Philosophy

At Mindset Family Therapy, our style is non-judgmental and strength-based while aiming to attain positive changes in our client’s lives –your life and/or your child’s life. Together you and your therapist will identify goals to work on during and in between therapy sessions. Your progress will be assessed weekly to ensure treatment is being effective and is meeting your goals.


The modality we use for treating OCD clients has been designed based on research provided by the International OCD Foundation. Using the most proven effective methods, we treat OCD, anxiety disorders and depression here locally in Provo, Utah. Treatment includes the Assessment, ACT (Acceptance & Commitment Therapy), Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) skills, and Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP). Your therapist will provide home assignments to ensure you are learning and practice the skills taught in treatment. We will also prepare you for setbacks – a normal situation to experience during and after treatment. We will prepare you with tools to get back to what really matters in your life.

The first session will consist of a thorough assessment that includes completing the Y-BOCS and understanding the OCD cycle. We may also ask you to complete the Obsessive Concern Checklist and the Compulsive Activities Checklist prior to the first session if you are not clear about your symptoms.


Whether you or your child is struggling with OCD, depression, anxiety or other issues, ACT and CBT skills will be part of your treatment. We are committed to helping you live a valued and meaningful life. You will learn skills to become flexible with your thinking and frame your challenges in a different way. Mindfulness skills are essential in life and your treatment will include this training.

Treatment at our clinic is a “being in the present and doing” type of therapy. You can choose to do the home assignments in order to strengthen the skills taught during the sessions. 


Whether your child is struggling with OCD, depression, anxiety disorders or behavioral challenges, we have specialized training in those areas and also in play therapy. When it comes to getting help for your children, you want the best type of treatment for them. Thus, we suggest that you consider the following when looking for the right therapist for your child: 1) a therapist who is experienced in working with children and who has also being trained by an experienced Play Therapist-Supervisor, and 2) a therapist who has been specifically trained to treat the disorder your child may be struggling with at the time.

At Mindset Family Therapy, we can provide those essential components. We have child therapists who have been trained by a Play Therapist-Supervisor (Annabella Hagen, LCSW, RPT-S) and specialize in treating the disorders mentioned above.

When working with children, we believe parents are an essential component to the success of the treatment. During your child’s treatment, you will also learn skills to strengthen your relationship with your children and improve their behavior.


I am so glad for the techniques you taught me in therapy. Now my OCD doesn’t control my wellbeing. With mindfulness, I have discovered a newfound sense of quiet. Thanks, Nancy!–S.B.Z.
I now know how to overcome fear and anxiety, and live life with taking risks. If you give her a chance, Annabella can help you learn to do this as well. Don’t wait. Take your life back.–B.J.
I’ve worked with Nancy for the past few months now, and have seen a significant improvement in my life. She has helped me work through some major life changes and it’s been a tremendous help. She used a different, yet very effective approach (ACT) that I found to be more helpful than any therapy I’ve done. I am so grateful I decided to do therapy with her. –M.T.
Thanks to Annabella, I’ve felt a relief that for years I didn’t believe I could have.  I wouldn’t hesitate for a second in recommending Annabella in the strongest way. –C.T.
Annabella has been a godsend to our family…our daughter’s life has been drastically changed for the better where she now has hope for a promising future. We truly see this as a miracle.  –P. S.
She helped guide me out of the mental hole I was stuck in and back onto the road of life.  –R. A.

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