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Do you or a loved one feel overwhelmed with unwanted thoughts? Tormented by feelings of guilt and shame? Feel the need to “confess” the same sins over and over? Those who experience this type of excessive guilt, doubt, and anxiety may be suffering from religious OCD, or scrupulosity.

'Scrupulosity' is a type of OCD that involves obsessions and compulsions that relate to your religion and/or morality. You may worry about thoughts related to blasphemy, having committed a sin, not being morally clean, an inflated sense of responsibility, being punished by God, fear of death, or possibly losing self-control as it relates to your faith and values.

As a clinic located in predominantly LDS Utah County, and near the campuses of Brigham Young University (BYU) and Utah Valley University (UVU), we have helped many clients with this sort of perfectionism, OCD or not. With active LDS members on our staff, we understand the distinct nuances and sensitivities that can come with Mormon culture and religion.

In therapy, you will learn more about the true nature of these intrusive thoughts. Instead of trying to 'get rid' of them via repeated confession, checks of reassurance, etc. — you will find a more fruitful way of relating to them. You will learn to modify your entrenched cognitive patterns to become more aware of what’s happening. Throughout this process you will never be asked to compromise your values or do anything at odds with your religion.

Your protocol will be unique and individualized. In life, thorns and thistles of every kind ensure no two paths are exactly alike. That makes it — our wonderfully messy mortal sojourn — beautiful and glorious. Our goal together will be to help you expand your awareness as you learn to handle the internal storms that tell you otherwise.

“The details seem so important and so necessary –and indeed they are, but not to the point that they deprive us of peace. Balance is required, and therein lies the real struggle."


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